Madhye Foundation


Madhye Foundation in a non-profit organization which is working with many projects, so the requirement was to list projects, details page about NGO information, working style etc, page to host the campaign, event list, collect fund as donation etc.

This website consists all features of Donation, Campaign, Event, Contact, Register for volunteer, register for short or long term internship, job posting options etc.

Technology Use

FrameWork – WordPress

Language – PHP and MySql

Analytics – Google Analytics

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Connect To Madhye

Connect to Madhye Foundation is the last section on the home page of the website to ask people to join Madhye and showing them ways to join and help other.

Event Listing

Awesome way to list events with javascript hover animation to make the website an awesome experience.


Campaign listing page with an option to read more about campaigns, donate or share in social media.

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