RSWords Blog Website


RSWords is the blog website where the author(s) write about Lifestyle, Relationship, and Parenting. This blog website made with a minimalist concept with the very clean layout and navigation.

This blog is responsive to all size of devices and looks similar to the mobile app in phone view. RSWords have an option for sharing with all major social media, and an option to comment post.

Author has a backend to write, maintain SEO, upload image with ease. A blog post can be published with few clicks.

Technology Use

FrameWork – WordPress

Language – PHP and MySql

Compatability – Hindi and English Language together

More Images

Detail Post

Blog has detail post page which can be scroll to infinite based on post size.

Share and Related Post

Blog and Blog Post have an option to share in social media channels as well as related post to increase navigation.

Hindi Language

The blog can be written any left to right type of script/language.

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