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Dedicated Servers – Features and Benefits

For business owners who are dependent on their online presence, it is important to have a dedicated server in place. A dedicated server is important to operate a website. It is, in fact, the most ideal solution for businesses with high-traffic websites.

Dedicated servers offer greater flexibility with improved customization and configuration. Dedicated servers provide you with everything you need to optimize and boost the hosting experience for your visitors or your clients. Having a dedicated server improves the level of security and increases the speed and up-time of your website. It also gives you the ability to go beyond the resource limitations that exists in a shared hosting environment.

Now why you should switch to dedicated server? Switching to dedicated servers offers a lot of benefits. It is a suitable option for those who have resource-intensive websites that have a lot of visitors.

Advantages of using a dedicated server include

  • Improved level of server security
  • Less chances of downtime due to high traffic
  • Better technical support in case of managed servers
  • Improved server reliability along with uptime
  • Options for upgrade as the website grows.
  • Optimum bandwidth and space.

When planning to upgrade to dedicated server hosting, there are three important factors you ought to take into consideration

  • Server reliability
  • Bandwidth and disk space
  • Technical support.

A dedicated server should have comprehensive security measures as well. A power generator or UPS for data back-up and a high-speed connection is of utmost importance. You have to ensure that the operating system you choose is capable of handling all the applications you intend to run. Windows and Linux are the two preferred choices. Having a strong and reliable technical support is another important consideration.

Dedicated servers are a preferred choice for small, medium, as well as large-sized businesses. While choosing a dedicated server, you need to ensure that the server host is able to provide all the necessary features you need to ensure growth and expansion of your website.

Which services should you use to be proactive?

DDoS protection is probably one of the most neglected dedicated server features. In this client-centered industry, no one likes latency or downtime. These days, DDoS attacks are getting abundant and expensive to mitigate. In order to keep your website up and running smoothly, you ought to use DDoS protection. This facility provides you with enterprise protection options.

Hardware failure is bound to happen, regardless of how much precaution you take. For those of you who do not have RAID setup for redundancy, you might lose your data.

Hardware RAID allows the technician to easily substitute the failed disk and bring your server back on track almost instantaneously. The data from the original hard drive will then be copied to the new one while your server is running and serving your customers.

Server management services help businesses concentrate on things that are priority. A server management team can act as an extension of the internal IT department, especially for large businesses, who can perform routine maintenance checks whenever required.

Together, by adding these services to your dedicated server hosting, you are ensuring that you provide your customers with the most stable service possible.

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